Join a Prestigious Team as Boeing 777 Cabin Crew

| Posted: May 7, 2024
Join a Prestigious Team as Boeing 777 Cabin Crew

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Job Reference ID: ZR_8_JOB

Job Description

AGOT Global Synergies is thrilled to present an exciting opportunity for experienced Boeing 777 Cabin Crew to join our revered client based in Eastern Europe. If you have a passion for delivering exceptional service at 30,000 feet and possess a talent for crafting unforgettable journeys for passengers, then this is your chance to shine!

This position offers a 6 or 12-month contract with the option to extend based on your preference.


•Previous experience as a cabin crew on the Boeing 777 aircraft
•Outstanding customer service skills with a friendly and inviting demeanour
•Ability to remain composed and collected in high-pressure situations
•Proficiency in English (additional languages are advantageous!)


•Competitive salary and benefits package
•Exciting prospects for career progression and professional growth
•The opportunity to collaborate with a vibrant and diverse team in a fast-paced setting
•Travel benefits and the chance to explore the world while pursuing your passion

About AGOT Global Synergies

At AGOT Global Synergies, our distinctiveness stems from an unwavering commitment to delivering specialised solutions in the aviation and aerospace sectors. Our innovative approach lies at the core of our ability to reshape the interconnected landscape of talent, industry expertise, and services, leading to unparalleled success in this dynamic sector.

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What sets us apart extends beyond our expertise as aviation professionals; we are pioneers and visionary solution architects. The AGOT Global Synergies team is bound together by an unyielding dedication to excellence, a defining trait that shapes our approach to every challenge.

Embark on a journey with AGOT Global Synergies into a new era of recruitment, where excellence is not merely an aspiration but the very essence of our identity.

AGOT Global Synergies is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran disability or genetic information or any other reason prohibited by law in employment.



Position Type: Aviation - Aerospace




At AGOT Global Synergies, we're not just another or your ordinary recruitment agency; we're pioneers and high achievers in the aviation and aerospace sector. With an undeviating commitment to excellence and a passion for facilitating the perfect match between exceptional talent and outstanding opportunities, we're reshaping how connections are made in the aviation industry, setting new standards for innovation and success.